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11666069_10207460297572278_34860063543589687_nGood morning everyone today I have with me a bowler you probably haven’t heard of in Melissa Witts. She’s a new bowler who has only taken up the game in the last 12 months. What got   you first interested in taking up the game?

Missy – My dad already played bowls & it was a good friends 40th birthday party at Penrith Bowling Club where we played barefoot bowls that got me keen, I liked the challenge.

NS – Who were the positive role models in those early months while you were learning the game? Who was there supporting your deeds on the green?

Missy – My coach Lance Winsor for teaching me the game, our woman’s Club President Mearle Gollan for encouraging me to join the ladies, and many other bowlers along the way are always very supportive. Especially my mum and dad who have been amazing.

NS – How often do you get time during the week to play? Is it more working your bowls around work or the other way around?

Missy – I try to play around 3 or 4 times a week at the least.. I’m currently not working full time so I have a lot more time during the week to play.
It isn’t easy though when pennant season comes along and so does full time work. Paying the bills usually wins & I end up missing out on my favourite hobby!

NS – What sort of bowls do you use at the moment and what sort of bowls have you had in the past (if any)

Missy – I use Henselite Dreamline XG’s. I tried a variety when I first joined PWBC but I had already grown a bond with the XG’s!
I have only ever purchased the one set I own.

NS – What did your friends and family say when you started taking up the game?

Missy – They were all confused to begin with but at the same time supportive, it’s not something I ever thought myself I’d ever do.

NS – Have you played representative bowls and if so who for and tell me a bit what it felt like to be selected for the team?

Missy – No I haven’t, not yet anyway, it is a goal  .. For the 12months I have been bowling, I am happy with my achievements.

NS – What position do you usually play?

Missy- Third in pennants

NS – Do you enter in as many tournaments as you can, or are you restricted by work/family/home life etc?

Missy – I try to enter tournaments at other clubs every couple of months.

NS – What club do you play for and have you played for anyone else in the past?

Missy – I play for Penrith Woman’s Bowling Club & have only ever played for Penrith.

NS – Have you met anyone on the green that you’ve made a lifelong friendship from and on the other side is bowls a place where enemies can be made easily do you think?

Missy – I like to think everyone I’ve met through bowls is a lifetime friend. It is just as easy to make enemies though if u let it happen. There is a lot of politics in every sport, just have to learn to ignore them

NS – As you have probably been aware over the last couple of weeks there has been the Adam Goodes affair. Do you think race still plays a part in sport and in particular bowls?

Missy – No not at all, my best friend is aboriginal and she also plays lawn bowls at Penrith & she makes friends within the club just as easily as anyone else.

NS – Who is the best bowler you have seen or played against?

Missy – I’d have to say either Ron Pittaway or Carl Healey.

Thank you Mel for your time and lets hope we see your bowls continue to improve over the coming months and years !

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